Sexuality And Gender In Advertising

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Advertising is very complex in today 's society. Throughout chapter five of ads, fads, and consumer culture, there are many major ideas that the author chooses to present to us as readers. Although many of these ideas are clear and completely fine, there are many that seem unclear or concerning to certain people. One main idea in chapter five is the use of sexuality and gender in advertising. The over-sexualization of men and women have been used to sell products from automobiles to toothpaste, but the females are more likely to be exploited than the males. Women have been exploited by some advertisers to sell products because rumors say they have been reinforced. Advertisements have sold the myth that women should be thin and that the ideal woman should be blonde. They also say that a woman should be sexy because sex sells. Also with the men, they should have muscles and have clean cut hair. These ideal figures are a sexual desire for men and women and advertisers know it.…show more content…
We often see beautiful women in ads for automobiles, beer, fashions, and many others. This gets the men thinking “ if I buy this product, I can get a woman like her.” this also puts a certain desire for the product because in ways it’s being compared to the woman. For example, when men and women see the beautiful woman with cleavage showing or other parts of the body, it excites them. So when they see the product that is being advertized, that get excited because it reminds them of the beautiful woman. One concern that I have with this is why have these types of ads on television where a young child could easily see it. Some parents might not want their child seeing such adult
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