Sexuality In Jane Eyre

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Throughout the course of the discussion, the thesis has not denied Jane Eyre’s challenging illustration of femininity. However, this novel comes to separate the female identity from sexuality which is thoroughly suppressed in the novel with the excuse of rejecting a deviant sexuality. Rebecca brings together the two concept and highlights the fact deviance is a masculine based concept.
Founding the discussion on the elements employed by the female Gothic subgenre, setting, plots, and characters, this study has shown the feminine aspect that du Maurier’s work adds to provide an analysis the focus of which is the feminine sexuality and identity. Such concepts have been simply presented as a journey of seeking financial independence in Bronte’s Jane Eyre.
The previous chapter has presents along the course of three sections a comparison between the novels Jane Eyre and Rebecca based on one of the elements of the female Gothic and deploying one of the approaches delineated in the second chapter.
The analysis of the female Gothic setting has utilized the concept of the uncanny double mechanism starting with Freud’s definition of the uncanny effect. The research has built on the conventional portrayal of the Gothic setting which applies to Bronte’s Jane Eyre. Each of the novel’s settings acted as a double for the masculine figures inside. The setting acts on behalf of the masculinity serving as a space to immure the heroine and make her accessible to the patriarchal
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