Sexuality In Lady Chatterly's Lover

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While reading D.H Lawrence’s Lady Chatterly’s Lover I could retrace the imagery and the compelling thoughts and emotions of the characters in the novel with the idea of transcendental sexuality and spiritual sex mentioned in the ancient texts of numerous civilizations and holy texts such as kaballah., The Zohar and The mystic Song of Songs. According to Kabballah pleasure is what defines a human being. Nothing more do I find more apt This world ‘s creation also arose from the desire of pleasure in Eve to rebel leading to the act of eating of the forbidden fruit of knowledge . The process of lovemaking has infinite potential and cannot be rendered useful in the presence of shame . One must be aware and conscious about one ‘s body ,thoughts and emotions thus it is considered to be the intersection of head , heart and soul. In this novel I could find many facets of life of the characters being transformed by their sexuality. A country women Connie symbolic of womanhood in its truest , naïve and purest form is deprived of what she calls…show more content…
Oh, and far down inside her the deeps parted and rolled asunder, in long, fair-travelling billows, and ever, at the quick of her, the depths parted and rolled asunder, from the centre of soft plunging, as the plunger went deeper and deeper, touching lower, and she was deeper and deeper and deeper disclosed, the heavier the billows of her rolled away to some shore, uncovering her, and closer and closer plunged the palpable unknown, and further and further rolled the waves of herself away from herself leaving her, till suddenly, in a soft, shuddering convulsion, the quick of all her plasm was touched, she knew herself touched, the consummation was upon her, and she was gone. She was gone, she was not, and she was born: a
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