Sexuality In The Media Song Analysis Essay

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PPL 101- Sexuality in the Media- Song Analysis

Song Title: Blurred Lines Artist: Robin Thicke feat. T.I. & Pharrell Williams

1.Is sex mentioned directly in the song? Give an example There is mention of sex in the song. Some examples are “I know you want it
I know you want it”, “The way you grab me. Must wanna get nasty”

2.Does the song promote or suggest pre-marital sex? Explain This song promotes pre-martial sex because in the hook Robin Thicke says
“ Talkin about getting blasted”. This is probably taking place in a club and he’s there to see if he can get a woman to leave with him. He isn’t looking into an actual relationship that could lead to marriage. He’s just wants to have sex with her for one night.

4. What is the message you get from this song?
The message of this song is that you can get wherever you want with somebody of the opposite sex if you give them as much compliments as you want they can get anywhere with you. Also
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Do you think this song sends a positive or negative message concerning relationships? Why? Explain?
Some might think this song has a positive message because it talks about the man in her previous relationship being over protective and telling her what she shouldn't do and what she should do. Thicke is trying to tell her that he would treat her better than her partner in her previous relationship ever could. But in actuality if you listen to the lyrics this song has a very negative perspective on what a relationship should be. It gives people the impression that this is an example of a healthy relationship. Especially for youth and teenagers who base a lot of their actions and opinions off social media, celebrities, and music. In the song it says “Shake your rump
Get down, get up-a Do it like it hurt, like it hurt What you don't like work”. I think the meaning of this is that you are supposed to do anything you can to please your partner even if you feel uncomfortable. In
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