Sexuality In ZZ Packer's Drinking Coffee Elsewhere

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ZZ Packer’s “Drinking Coffee Elsewhere” is a story that proves that not all two things can bind together and form something extraordinary. Between two people who thought to have found comfort in each other finds later on that their friendship was nothing more than false beliefs. The narrator Dina is a black woman who's past and choices she has made has only outlined her personality and future in a damaging way that she was never able to craw out of. No specific details has been shown of her childhood other than her mothers death, but even though her attitude towards life is clear: that she is a distant lone wolf that only cares for herself. Choices made by Dina throughout her college life has given her the realization of who she might be. Sexuality…show more content…
In the original story when Heidi first met Dina, she went crying to Dina’s room asking to be let in. While crying and having a conversation with each other Heidi asks if Dina could possibly be a lesbian. Dina responded by saying, “Do I look like one?” (110). Responding by saying a question not only gives us a sense of how she communicates, but it could have also reminded her of something in the past. Vital information seems to be missing that raises some questions from an external point of view. Although it gives some context to Dina’s feelings by her response, it does not show why Heidi chose Dina’s room specifically. The story shares a lot of details but it is off-putting from an outside perspective. In the original context of the novel, Dina questioned her sexuality and Heidi revealed herself as a lesbian which only pushed Dina away, but it is strange how it pushed her away because it was uncomfortable to her. From the external narration point of view, Dina felt the same feelings as Heidi did but was afraid to admit it. Giving the impression that she purposely lives her life submerged from the rest of the world. Since it could be the first time Dina had someone revealing something so personal to her, in the original version, she realized that she might not be the person that she thinks she is, but it is clear that she is
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