Sexualization In Advertising

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Advertisements have many weapons to draw the audience in such as ethical hooks, emotional hooks, or sexual hooks.The advertisement for “Game of War” featured in the Super Bowl uses Kate Upton and her body to sell their phone game. The ad objectifies Kate by giving her “power” but never proving she has any, focusing on her bosom, leading potential players to believe she’ll be in the game, using irrelevant scenes to emphasize how attractive she is, and by belittling women of color all at the same time.
This ad is set in medieval times, and starts with the image of Kate Upton (Athena) taking a relaxing bath and her handmaidens are assisting her by carefully pouring a jug of water on her back. Through a window she sees that her kingdom is blazing and falling to ruin. She seems concerned for a moment. The next scene is her handmaidens dressing her as she determinedly walks into what one would assume to be a battle. Her armor is form fitted and has her chest and cleavage exposed; if she were to engage in battle, her chest would be open for the kill point, which makes her armor impractical at best. Every step Athena takes
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In this instance, Athena is viewed as if she is in primary power. She is shown as the leader or ruler of her city, maybe even as the general in charge. While that is rather uncommon for advertisements, by the end of this one she isn’t in as much control as originally thought. She lost her prized kingdom. However, the players have nothing to fear, she says “You and I will revisit them soon enough”. Which implies that there is a joint effort between the player and her as a character. And although she is an obviously powerful woman, she is saying that the player is her
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