Sexualization Of Women In Sports Essay

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It’s very clear that in today’s society males are the dominate figure in sports. They receive way more amount media attention than female athletes. Males grew up watching television or seeing images that were filled with these heroic male athletes rather than females. Young boys have something to look up to, while young girls don’t receive the same images and if we do it’s feminized and sexualized images. The sexualization in social media, magazines and TV is highly detrimental to potential young female athletes. The way female athletes are portrayed in the media is something that I take personal interest in,because I am one so I sympythaize. I may not be competing in the olympics and fighting for the medias attention equvialent to the attention male athletes recieve. I think that the lack of athletic recognition of female in the media not only plays a huge role in motivating a woman to continue her athletic goals but it also gives motivation to young aspiring female athletes. Photos of successful male athletes show them in body revealing poses, while women who do the same often potrayed into being less important, romanticized, and sexualized.Double standards play a…show more content…
People are more focused on their outfits, pose and martial status which dismisses their accomplishments and makes them seem less powerful and less valuable compare to male athletes. The media talk about women’s ambition and pride as if it is a bad thing while objectifying their bodies creates this image that tells woman of all ages, but especially young women, that they should not aspire too high or fight too hard because it won’t work out and that their value depends on how others perceive their bodies. Ultimately, today’s society and the media minimizes the accomplishments and dehumanizes
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