Sexy Inc.: Hypersexualization Of Childhood

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Sexy Inc.: A Critical Look at the Hypersexualization of Childhood, is a documentary about the overt sexualization of girls in today's society. The documentary showed girls of various ages reacting to how women are represented in today’s media. They showed the girls media advertisements, music videos, and dolls that depict women as highly sexualized and sex objects. The sociologists in the film were discussing how the media is portraying girls as sexual objects and how forcing these ideals onto them at such young ages is destroying our society. The first social structure that children are influenced by is their family. Now more children are watching tv and that first social structure that they are exposed to is being invaded by marketing and…show more content…
Women can be astronauts, doctors, leaders, business people...anything that they set their mind to. Instead in our real culture, we are teaching girls that to be accepted in this society, you have to be unintelligent and sexy. If we instead advertised more positive messages to young girls, I think that our society could benefit by a new generation of empowered females who don’t feel that it is necessary to be sexual. Sexy Inc really opened my eyes to massive amount of advertising that our society has become numb to. We should focus on family as a social structure and teach parents that these outside influences, like the media, celebrities and overly sexual dolls, are affecting young girls and causing them to think that being sexual at such a young age is appropriate. Everyone wants to fit into society and setting impossible standards like Barbie and Bratz Dolls are causing young women to grow up way too fast and have to be adults much earlier than they should. We shouldn’t look at a barely clothed women and think that having that image is appropriate to mold and shape the young
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