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The Sexy Media Diet
This paper is going to talk about the effects of media on the relationships of today. It's going to specifically target how movies have changed the dynamics of relationships in our everyday lives. The movies that will be mostly discussed are going to be rom-coms like "Friends with Benefits” and "No Strings Attached" as they talk about the hook-up culture in a completely new way than how it was done before. Initially, "hooking-up" was considered "bad'', done out of guilt or under bad influence. But, ever since movies like these two have come out, it shows a more pro-social behavior of having sexual intercourse as a form of physical satisfaction than an emotional one. The phenomenon of “hooking-up” in
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A "Hook-up" is a term used for any sexual activity that takes place between two individuals. This is a form of consensual sex that happens as a form of a physical satisfaction for both the individuals. i.e.they are not in a traditional romantic relationship which involves a long-term commitment like that of a boyfriend/girlfriend or any form of emotional attachment. This can be one-time thing or with mutual agreement could go on for a while as long as it's a form of just a physical commitment. It can involve any sexual activity that ranges from kissing to sexual intercourse. This form of activity is found very popular in college dorms, college parties, club parties, etc. Most of the time this activity is done with support of the consumption of alcohol and drugs. (Garcia, Justin R. and Chris…show more content…
Moreover, media influence has played a huge part in promoting the hook-up culture, as it tends to have a lot of sexual content. Hence, media becomes a vital part in today's development of sexual behavior in the youth. It's been said that at least 70% of television that is being produced and watched by the audience involves sexual behavior or sexual talks. (Peters, Sara Jean) However, the content doesn't necessarily show the consequences of spontaneous sexual activity. Many studies have shown that due to the heavy use of media, the sexual ideologies portrayed in them plays a heavy influence on the audience's actual views on sexuality and their expectations. Hence, movies like "Friends with Benefits" and "No Strings Attached" encourage the social norm of hooking-up. This tends to happen because media has portrayed sex as common nature, fun-filled and without any risks. What this does is that it makes audience believe that sex can be just a form of physical entertainment. Wanting sex without commitment and just as a physical need is a part of the social norm and is considered "cool" as it's a part of the popular
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