Sg Teaching Advantages And Disadvantages

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The usage of materials is one of the most important basements of teaching and learning processes. Because provide the learners with the resources that help them to communicate in different social environments and encourage students to use the language learnt in real contexts. In addition, visual aids supportive SLG teaching materials, and those aids are necessary for teachers and students; given the fact that SLG is a visual language and the rehearsal of the language through videos and images help the students to remember the signs better. In the SLG course, there is a book that the teacher uses to teach the signs. The book is named “Lenguaje de señas colombiana” by FENASCOL. It contains a range of words with the signs, organize in alphabetical…show more content…
The disadvantages imply spending a lot of time designing, it is difficult for financial reasons. Consequently, many teachers accept the textbooks that publishing houses produce on a large scale because “everything is already prepared (Masuhara, 2004). On the other hand, the advantages are; the material used in class is more appropriate for the context, take into account the students’ needs, provide examples of language use, provide meaningful activities, exposed learners to the authentic use of language, and promote the use of…show more content…
Third, the promoting of body gestures in the SLG classes, given the fact that sometimes SLG learners are shy to perform the gestures need for a sign, and it is important to consider that facial and body movement are part of the grammar in the visual language. It is important to promote body language activities and to be aware the SLG learns that the signers are animated not because they are bubbly and energetic, but because sign language uses face and body movements as part of its grammar. Finally, the use authentic language videos, images, stories, oral expositions, and speaking tasks will encourage them to use the SLG with communicative purposes, and the use of a number of techniques make the vocabulary more memorable for the SLG learners (Barcroft, 2008). In addition, It is important to highlight that teachers should design activities that motivated the students. As motivated students learn faster and

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