Persuasive Essay On Shade Grown Coffee

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State your Position I’m doing shade grown coffee and it will the environment because it filters carbon dioxide and uses little to none chemicals, fertilizer, pesticides, and herbicides. Conventional Coffee is the most chemically treated food and it has environmental destruction, exploitation of farmers and has wasteful packaging and large carbon emissions. However, Shade grown coffee uses less chemical fertilizer, helps keep rainforests alive, gives homes to birds, filters carbon dioxide, uses little to none chemicals, fertilizer, pesticides, and herbicides, minimizes erosions. Explain your Position Agriculture (including but not limited to coffee) makes almost 12% of greenhouse gasses. Then the ships or aircraft used to transport coffee uses about 16 tons of fuel per hour which can add up to 380 tons of fuel a day. Next, the supply train which brings the coffee to the cafe it generates 50% of carbon emissions. From the journey, 5.5 pounds of carbons emissions are being released. That one pound of coffee leaves a 10-11 pound carbon emissions. Each American consumes more than 9 pounds of coffee a year, that makes…show more content…
Also preserving ecosystems is an advantage of shade grown coffee. This is because not cutting down as many trees which make homes for birds. This reduces carbon emissions because fewer trees are getting cut down which means that more carbon is getting absorbed by the trees that are still up. Another advantage of shade grown coffee is soil conservation. This is because conventional coffee plantations are dependent on chemicals suffer from soil decreasing and regular coffee plantations suffer from increased erosion also rainforest are removed to make sure there is fresh growing ground for the coffee. However shade grown coffee does not do this so less soil is

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