Shadow Dancing Analysis

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What you see might not always be true. In today’s society, prejudice and pride established a lens through which people view the world long before they can experience it themselves. In Shadow Dancing in the U.S.A., Ventura discusses how media affects the way people make decisions and view the world around them. Similarly, in White Noise appearance and reality is so easily interchanged that it creates confusion as to what is real and what is not.
In the human brain, 90% of the information transmitted is through visual. As a result, media, which mostly utilizes graphic images to attract the audience, win the race against plain informative texts. Because images are direct and delivers faster compared to other sources of information, they are easier
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As the media becomes more accessible to one’s daily life, it eventually becomes a source of reliable information to people who cannot experience the events firsthand. Soon, it becomes inevitable that people confide in these media outlets for knowledge and spread the knowledge themselves. They began to act in a certain way that is “right” and see each other through colored lenses. When Jack created the department of Hitler Studies, he wears hipster glasses and uses his initials J.A.K. to create a professional personal for himself that is suited for the job. Although Jack has created a new identity for himself, he is aware of the total fabrication of this character, "I am the false character that follows the name around." (Delillo 17). When certain expectations or stereotypes are established, people tend to follow them in order to appear in a certain way as Ventura says, “We become partly images ourselves imitating the properties of images as we surround ourselves with images”…show more content…
The goal of the media is to inform its audience of what is happening around them, but oftentimes media stretches its stories in order to appeal to its readers. But, how can one differentiate something from being false if they have never encountered it? Well, one cannot and as a result, they transform the lie to truth and with a majority of the people believing that something is true, what is not true will eventually become true. Pressure from the media imposes certain generalization and characteristics on people that ultimately becomes the standard of doing something or being a certain
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