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“Shadow of a Doubt” was directed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1943 (IMDb). The film introduces the excitement of Young Charlie (Teresa Wright) because of her Uncle Charlie (Joseph Cotten) arrival. Young Charlie was sure that her uncle would break the monotony in the house because he had been crushing for him. After that night two people named Jack Graham a questioner man and a photographer Fred Saunders comes their house conducting survey of newton’s family but Charles refuses to be interviewed. After spending a day, Jack takes Charlie on a date where she finds out Jack Graham who is pretending to be an interviewer is police detective investigating her uncle Charlie. Sometimes later, the Young Charlie began to understand the truth about her uncle…show more content…
Uncle Charlie takes his niece Young Charlie to the seedy bar where he bullied her. The waitress who was Young Charlie old schoolmate and she was impressed by the ring that Uncle Charlie gave Young Charlie. Waitress wishes a man could come and give him a ring like that. However, young Charlie clearly understands a gift from a man does not imply love or romance. It can sometime mean secrecy, abuse, rape or even murder. The film shows how difficult it is for women to win. If women want excitement and luxurious life may end up falling for the wrong people like Uncle Charlie. Consequently, suffer the fate as the widows who were…show more content…
There are numerous high-angle and low-angle shots of people in conversation, giving a stilted view of the social scenes. In particular, Uncle Charlie is very often seen from a very low-angle view, making his appearance appear more threatening. Moreover, there are numerous shots looking up or down stairways that heighten this effect. But the overall production values are not really up to Hitchcock’s usual standards. There are numerous jump-cuts (awkward on-axis editing cuts) that distract the viewer. In addition, Dimitri Tiomkin’s soundtrack music is mostly loud, brassy band music that is merely intrusive and only detracts from the

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