Taishan Shadow Puppet Play Analysis

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1.8.6 Taishan Shadow Puppet Play
The Taishan Shadow Puppet Play, also called Shadow Play for short, is a performance by using puppets made in leather. The performer controls the puppets at the back of a white curtain and the shadow of the puppets will display at the curtain under light. The shadow puppet play can be a silent performance and the audience understand the story through the movement of the puppets. It can also be performed with voices and music, which is just like a drama performed by the shadow of puppets. The Taishan Shadow puppet play has awarded the title of “National intangible cultural heritage” in 2007. This performance has been inherited for many generations with continuously optimization and development. Now it is said
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TV and the internet for quick promotion of tourism at Mount Taishan. These strategies are being developed for the purpose of profits and promotion; this also helps to maintain cultural heritage and historical evidences of the past by involvement of the stakeholders in the activities. Based on the rising satisfaction of tourists on the environment and service of Mount Taishan scenic spots in 2013, several honorary awards were given to the committee, including “The standard unit of the national tourism service quality”, “The most beautiful geological park in China", "The most desirable place in China", and “the outstanding mountains famous for couplets".
1.6 Conceptual and theoretical frameworks:
A conceptual framework is the researcher’s idea on how the research problem will be explored based on a theoretical framework, with the much broader scale of resolution where in the theoretical framework dwells on time tested theories that embody the findings of numerous investigations on how phenomena occur.
The researcher has addressed the background of the study in detail .The comprehensive analysis of the resources, flora and fauna, religious rituals, local culture, facilities and amenities for tourist at Mount Taishan will help to explore the possibilities. The framework of sustainability problem and interpretations of visitors will be dealt in
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Tourism is a pillar to achieve the sustainable development goals. Mount Taishan has a good perspective to develop sustainable tourism because of involvement of stakeholders as well as its rich tourist attraction. In conclusion, this paper implies that the interventions and investments in the realms of sustainable development, which are aimed to protect the ecosystem and ensure the carrying capacity of this world heritage site to avoid any stampede or any other mishaps in the future.
Without the involvement of people viz tourist in such activities this goal will remain a distant dream. The tourists have various requirement and motives behind travelling to a particular place. Mostly, tourists travel to places of interest/attractions with options of sightseeing at a particular location. Due to an amalgamation of alternatives of cultural tourism i.e. fairs and festivals, art and craft etc at one place can be one of several components to create a tourist attraction. The possibility of overcrowding at a cultural site, especially during a special holiday season may affect demand and supply, thus making it more vulnerable for tourists. With this view Mount Taishan must initiate possible measures to influence decision-making processes within society. It is necessary to create a stimulus to motivate government, involve local people, and international organizations for conserving biological and cultural diversity.

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