By The Seaside Summary

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Shairah Holt examines the importance and beauty of our environment by linking it to Romantic Poetry. In today’s modern society, the beauty of nature is taken for granted by most people. Each year, 1 000 000 sea birds, 300 000 dolphins and porpoises and 100 000 sea mammals are killed each year due to marine pollution. This shows the carelessness of humans and how we view our ocean as a large garbage dump.
Romantic poet John Keats states otherwise. John Keats (1795-1821) was an English poet. His parents died when he was in his teen years, so literature became a haven and a field for exploration. He devoted his short life to medicine and poetry. Although he was not a popular romantic poet during his time, his poems influence many people hundreds
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Companies and television shows such as these focus on the quirks and interesting way of nature and show their appreciation for the environment by doing what they can to prevent actions harmful to the environment, such as pollution, the hunting of animals and deforestation. This type of appreciation is not new. Keats was among many Romantic poets that showed their love for mature by expressing it in their poems. Another romantic poet that was inspired to write about the sea was William Wordsworth. In his poem, By the Seaside, he also explores the natural beauty he sees at a port side. He expresses a sense of calmness when he writes the words "the sun has couched and the sea fowl has come to take some rest."
On the Sea, by John Keats is one of many poems that teaches us to show appreciation for nature and our environment. Romanticism has stimulated cultural movement that stresses emotion, imagination and individuality. The Romantics have left their mark in history and it continues to inspire people living in modern times. With their freedom of expression through poetry and acknowledgement to the beautiful natural world, Romanticism was a ground-breaking era that will continue to echo throughout society for years to
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