Shakepeare: The Importance Of Education In The Classroom

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In my opinion the students of the Halton District School Board are not learning enough historical literature. They only learn the basic fundamental and not the advanced literature that built up modern english. Education leads children to make their life and career decisions. As Well as empowers people to make change and solve problems and most importantly it provides knowledge in real life scenarios Children learn by seeing and reading interesting and easy to remember knowledge. I feel as if shakespeare is vital but is not appealing to young. It has the power to challenge minds, yet shakespeare is based on the student 's ability to memorize the context. I strongly believe that education is crucial to all students in the world. This is shown by the knowledge provided by teachers that makes the world a safer place, this knowledge leads people on their career paths, and lastly, empowering students to make a difference in the world and solve their problems. Furthermore, the inclination of education is extremely important the youth and they should learn deeper into the past of where their knowledge comes from. Education is a skill that gives us the ability to remember specific information…show more content…
We should learn what we need for our future rather than plays from the fifteenth century and greek mythology. Educators should feel more pressure as more students drop out or stick to minimum wage jobs due to lack of basic understanding which should have taught to them in their earlier education. As previously mentioned the educators do a amazing job but are told to teach the wrong subjects.”There is no profession more essential than that of an educator. and it 's time for all of us to embrace and celebrate their importance and contribution to America’s children”- Queen Latifah. There is no doubt that Shakespeare teaches students but is more or less should be
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