Shakers In The Industrial Revolution

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Throughout the Ages The beginning of 18th century a new start, development, and method appears to change the way of living. It is the transformation period, called Industrial Revolution. Society and economy are one of the most important changes that took place by factories. Industrial Revolution interior space is focusing to have a great ambiance by lighting and ventilation. Also, manufactured products help to produce and facilitate all means of comfort at homes. However, Many people did not accept the manufactured products and they insisted to not change their lifestyle whatever the revolution provides an easier life to them. This group called the shakers they are environmentally friendly. Their interior full of natural material and man made products. The shakers lifestyle is all about worship and work. Equalization gender is one of their believes that make their home divided equally. To give an example, in each house…show more content…
Industrial Revolution is about quantity not quality. Large homes in Industrial Revolution are entertainments they include library, and ballroom “ dancing hall”. After awhile, these rooms are removed to reduce the coast and make the cleaning easier. Also, kitchens size depends on the house space. However, in bathrooms the manufactured products use a lot such as, the bathtubs and plumbing. Multiple functions can do in bathroom likewise shaving, and applying makeup. Moreover, The Shakers are opposite to Industrial Revolution, The Shakers put functional furniture and avoid extra furniture for aesthetics reason. So, all rooms should be used and built for purposes for example, worship areas, and meeting rooms. Also, Vienna Secession designs could be mass produced furniture or simplicity in design and all the rooms focus in social activities. At last, Post Modern movement is a design that has a symbolic material, dramatically elements like
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