Shakespeare As The Father Of Hamlet

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Oldness cannot fade him, nor can convention decay his endless contemporariness. Five centuries has passed since William Shakespeare penned the last of his writings. The days of horse-and-buggy are long dead and gone whilst the long-dead actor-playwright 's texts are still as relevant as before. We cannot help considering certain characters in Shakespeare as real beings. We wonder what the character did before the play began, and after it finished. Since those characters furnish a part of the mingling medium of our mental life, we see ourselves in terms of them. In this essay, we will discuss Shakespeare as the father of psychoanalysis, philosophy and language which make Shakespeare 's plays relevant to the 2014 world.
Shakespeare is the fingerprint scanner of the human nature and the ambassador for our feelings, he knows the universal psychological function of people. He managed to capture the spontaneity of thought and codify it. Freud himself said that "the poets and philosophers before me discovered the unconscious. (Psychoanalysis)" (MacIntyre 47) Shakespeare was one among those poets since Freud, the so-called father of psychoanalysis, elected Hamlet as a model for his psyche study of humans. The act of being able to see your cause in the portraiture of someone else 's is the whole business of familiarizing the audience to someone whose experience they don 't share. For example, Shakespeare manages to interest an audience with Henry V, a man who has, or wins,
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