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William Shakespeare Hamlet summary & analysis “The tragical history of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark” by Shakespeare is the frontispiece of all the literature in the world and is the fountain of inspiration for all the playwrights who succeeded him. There are many versions of Hamlet written by varied playwrights, the popular being the Hamlet of Thomas Kyd (“Ur-Hamlet”); however, Shakespeare Hamlet is deservedly the best amongst all the creative interpretations of the Prince of Denmark. The tragedy is written in five acts and focuses entirely on Hamlet. Act – I, Scene – 1 (A platform before the Elsinore castle): On the darkest of nights where the cold can make anyone sick at heart, Francisco is guarding the castle and Bernardo another officer…show more content…
Claudius and Gertrude question him on the same and Hamlet talks of the mourning duties of a son to his beloved father. Claudius tries to make Hamlet understand that a son has to lose his father and it is the nature of life. He even goes further to console the Prince and asks Hamlet to consider him as his father. Gertrude urges Hamlet to stay in Denmark and not to leave for Wittenberg. Hamlet obeys the wishes of his mother; although, he seems not convinced with the decision of staying back himself. As the new King and the old Queen exit, Hamlet begins to soliloquize (soliloquy = talk to oneself) thus: INSERT IMAGE ACT-1, SCENE-2 – HAMLET – CAU (Shakespeare Hamlet has many soliloquies where the characters explain their state of mind. However, the soliloquies of Hamlet are so philosophical and reflect the nature of life itself. In the present soliloquy Hamlet is in the most distressful state where he is found mourning for his father and his mother is seen with her new husband; above all, the marriage took place before the passing of two months of his father’s death.) Hamlet couldn’t console his heart out of the hasty turn of events, with sudden death of his father and his mother’s abrupt decision to marry his Uncle Claudius. He laments of his state and thinks if sucicide was not a sin, it would have been a fair answer to all his questions. Hamlet couldn’t digest the fact that his mother could stop grieving about King Hamlet and marry a man who could never be an equal to King
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