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Brain Fart Feat. Hamlet
(Themes From Three Different Soliloquy) The play Hamlet is one messed up theatrical journey. In Shakespeare 's Genius by Gail Paster, “Shakespeare played a huge role in expanding the expressive capacity of the language, especially in the verbal representation of thinking and subjectivity.” This quote shows how people think of Shakespeare, it shows how genius he actually is. Shakespeare is a genius in the sense that he uses the character Hamlet as a tool of information. Hamlet recites a series of soliloquies that result in a baffled audience. Soliloquies allow the audience to see in the mind of the character on stage.
In the play Hamlet acts 1 through three there are three different soliloquies that happen in the acts 1 through 3, that give essential themes.
In the play Hamlet in acts 1 through 3 the theme of fury is shown in the act 1 soliloquy. Hamlet suggest in the play Hamlet on page6, line 146 “Frailty, thy name is woman!” The character Hamlet uses theses words when he is finished speaking with his mom and his uncle step father thing. This quote shows Hamlet’s fury towards his mother for marrying so fast after his father the king died. Hamlet is talking about his mother in
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In act 2, scene 2, the second soliloquy is when Hamlet is alone before the play is about to take place. This is shown on page 22 line 508, “Now I am alone, oh what a rogue and peasant slave I am!” Hamlet is almost beating himself up mentally, he is just going crazy At this point Hamlet’s life is going down the toilet, and he isn’t sure what to do. Hamlet calls himself a coward and is really hard on himself. In the end he decides that he won’t be a coward anymore. Hamlet has not yet planned out a revenge yet, this is one of the reasons why he calls himself a coward. Throughout the play Hamlet the theme of loneliness is present especially in the second

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