Shakespeare In Love Comedy Analysis

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Question 1-Shakespeare in Love Shakespeare in love as a comedy Shakespeare in love is comedy that provides a clear juxtaposition of Shakespeare’s live in Elizabethan time and creates allusions to his works and modern times with allusion to famous Hollywood films. Aspects of the Elizabethan times are evidently displayed throughout the play. The clothing worn by the actors and actresses was characterised by doublets, breeches, gowns, corsets, collars, ruffs and hats. It was evident that there was a clear class division. The crowded town where Shakespeare lived and worked had smaller housing, noise narrow roads, children playing in the streets, markets and the people dressed more plainly. In the outside of the town where Viola lived there were beautiful spacious and luxurious houses, boatman where available to transport the wealthy along the quiet banks, they had many housekeepers (such as the one who looked after Viola) and the…show more content…
Tuscany an Italian place characterized by its beauty and happy and romantic people. After the panoramic shots the camera subsided a focuses in relaxed and carefree characters lying on the ground and listening with enthusiasm as Beatrice recites the words of a song. The pace then changes after a man delivers the message that the soldiers of Don Pedro return for a visit. Then all the care-free people start running with excitement, this adds to the joyful and light-hearted view of the characters. The author also uses imagery of white flowing dresses that symbolize the freedom and purity of the characters. The man on the other hand approach the city in horses who run at fast pace. This is used to symbolize their manliness and strength and the honour they gain for being soldiers. The authors show the man happy by focusing on the facial expression and laughter as they
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