Entrance In A Midsummer Night's Dream

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William Shakespeare is well-known and renowned for his thoughtful and cunning plays. The witty and entrancing scenes as well as the ideas that he presents continues to captivate audience around the world centuries later. The works of Shakespeare have not grown old and dusty because of his universal modern truths. He pioneered free thinking and encouraged rebellious acts through his plays. If Shakespeare was born previous to his birth then his works would have most likely been destroyed or cast out. During the time of the English Renaissance was perfect for Shakespeare because of all of life was being looked at in a new way and many people questioned everything. Although systems were being challenged they were not being as challenged as they…show more content…
By making the defiance in his play seem like a dream causes some of the credibility to be lost, but nevertheless Shakespeare’s individualistic ideas are still imprinted in the audiences…show more content…
In his plays he illustrates that forced love is not genuine and will cause many challenges to arise, and he also proves that true love will prevail no matter what obstacles stand in its way. During a time when marriage was mainly used to improve one’s social stats or help one live more comfortably, Shakespeare’s ideas were groundbreaking. The reason his ideas overall made an impact was because they were presented in a subtle way that allowed he audience to think on them instead of being overwhelmed by them. Also his points rang true for many in his audience because as Harriet Monroe points out in all of Shakespeare’s works he “[…] present[s] his supreme experience-exquisite emotion, love exalting or degrading, conviction of sin, conviction of fame, the sense of unendurable beauty […]” which are all essentially human emotions (34). The plays Shakespeare presented before his audience express real feelings and emotions which opened his audience’s eyes to a world of love and
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