Shakespearean Criticism Written By Laurie Clemen's Hamlet

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Clemen, Wolfgang H. "Hamlet." Shakespearean Criticism, edited by Laurie Lanzen Harris, vol. 1, Gale, 1984. Shakespearean Criticism Online, This source describes the imagery used in Hamlet. Clemen analyzes the patterns of imagery which unify the play. He notes that the language of the prince creates certain images. When Hamlet begins to speak, the images come to him without the slightest effort. Clemen describes the images as immediate and spontaneous visions. Hamlet’s imagery shows the viewer that whenever Hamlet thinks and speaks, he symbolizes thought. His images are not beautiful and soft but they always hit their mark. Hamlet also needs images for his “antic disposition.” The other characters continue to think he is mad. This article was written by German scholar and critic, Wolfgang H. Clemen. Clemen is currently a professor at the University of Munich. He received his doctorate with doctoral dissertation on Shakespeare’s images. With his expertise in this field, this makes him an accountable author for my paper. This source supports my paper because my paper is analyzing the use of imagery to create a mood. I will be using imagery in my point about Ophelia’s flowers and the former king’s ghost. This source will help me analyze the use of the flowers and the ghost. I will also use this article to explain the how imagery can be used to create a mood of fear, tension, suspense, and despair. Detmold, George. "Hamlet." Shakespeare for

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