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Telmah-Thel is an essay written by Shakespeare aficionado Jonathan Gil Harris. It encompasses the relation between the Shakespearian style of drama and bollywood movies. ‘Telmah’- the word may seem as the reversed form of Hamlet , one of the great plays written by William Shakespeare but it refers to the hustle bustle that can be usually seen in any hindi masala movies.This essay will talk about the shakespearean elements in the movie “Ishaqzaade” and will also analyse how the item number “Jhalla Wallah” is significant for the plot of the movie. The movie Ishaqzaade is a love story of two young rebellious , obstinate individuals named Parma and Zoya. The movie is an aggressive romance drama written and directed by Habib Faisal. The plot of the movie is loosely based on Shakespearean play Romeo and Juliet. The plot is set up at a fictional town of Almore in Uttar Pradesh. There is a political clash between the families of Zoya and Parma , the Qureshi's and the Chauhans respectively.The movie is about how a couple who hate each other a lot , come to terms and fall in love with each other. Harris in his essay Telmah Thel points out the…show more content…
The item Number ‘Jhalla Walla’ is a connecting song when the female protagonist was about to get engaged. It is a song which is written by Kausar Munir. It is a song which aptly uses about four languages and expresses the merriment that were observed for the moment. The scene is setup at the female protagonist’s house where a sensual dancer is dancing addressing her lover and everyone is seemingly enjoying it. It can be compared with the scene in Romeo and Juliet where Gregory and Sampson chat. The item number can not be removed from the scene as it creates that anticipation as to what will happen next and it connects itself to the next scene where the male protagonist comes to take the dancer to his place

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