Shakespearean Tragedy Analysis

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Introduction: My essay topic examines the extent to which Macbeth fits into Shakespeare’s formula of tragedy. The research question of the essay is ‘To what extent does the play Macbeth fit into a set tragic formula of Shakespearean tragedy?’ To address this question this essay will examine Shakespeare’s play Macbeth by using the formula of Shakespearean tragedy described by A.C. Bradley in his work on ‘Shakespearean Tragedy.’ I also used ‘Understanding Shakespeare: Macbeth’ by Robert A. Albano as part of the investigation in order to determine to what extent Macbeth fits the description of a tragic play by Shakespeare.
As a genre, Shakespearean Tragedy is very different from his comedies. In Shakespearean comedy, Shakespeare develops the drama with his use of language, love, complex plots, and mistaken identities whereas in Shakespearean Tragedy there are different criteria to make the genre identifiable. In Shakespearean Tragedy, Shakespeare uses a hero to start off his tragic story which is influenced by the actions of men. Shakespeare uses the supernatural usually near the tragic character and allows ‘chance’ or ‘accident’ to happen. Moreover, through the play the character’s thoughts are transformed by suffering and readers don’t think of the actions and sufferings as unreasonable because suffering that leads to tragedy is never good. These things make Shakespearean Tragedy unique from other works of William Shakespeare.
While Macbeth appears to fit many of the above
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