Shakespeare's Accomplishments

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"He was not of an age, but for all time. I think this quote means that Shakespeare wasn 't known for his work while he was doing it but will be known for that work forever. Shakespeare knew he would not be known and popular during the time of him doing his work. He also knew that he would be credited later on in the future and will be known for his work. Shakespeare 's work will not be known to the people that were in his era. His work will only be known to the modern people.

Five hundred years ago Shakespeare 's work was not worthy and popular. Yet today we are still reading his work. Shakespeare is really known now and lots of people admire him. They envy his work and I am sure everyone in the world knows him. He introduced over two thousand words to the English language. Shakespeare was involved in thirty seven plays and one hundred fifty-four sonnets.
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Shakespeare wrote a lot of history. I think Shakespeare 's main sonnet is Romeo and Juliet because it is really popular worldwide. Many people have done Romeo and Juliet plays over multiple times. Some people rewrote Romeo and Juliet in a more modern way. I have had a personal experience with Shakespeare 's work because i have seen some of his plays and read some of his work. I have done research on Shakespeare since i was in elementary school and I am still learning new things about him
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