John Richardson's Life In Sonnet 50 By William Shakespeare

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William Shakespeare was born in Stratford, a typical English market town, in 1564 and is credited with writing some of the most iconic plays, Romeo and Juliet for one. But over the past 200 years, many have begun questioning the Shakespeare’s authorship. The anti-Stratfordians, supporters of Shakespeare not being the original writer, aren’t making vacuous statements. Evidence has been brought forward that can back it up. The works that are attributed to William Shakespeare portray wisdom, imagination, experience, and education which go beyond his abilities as there is no sign in his local grammar schools of him ever attending.
Evidence has no shown that there is no sign of Shakespeare attending his local grammar school. At that time, Education
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Lengthy information about him is out there but I cannot be verified. One theory is that Shakespeare was actually John Richardson who grew up in a village called Temple Grafton, a few miles to the west of Stratford. When he was young he had been such an expert horseman that when he was 16, he was able to ride as a courier. In Sonnet 50, it describes the rider who was tired and not a very happy person. While in Venus and Adonis, there are the words of a man that understands horses. He used to carry furniture and chattels all over town resulting in him being brought inside the homes of all sort of different people. While Shakespeare died a papist, his plays were strictly protestant. John Richardson’s family had been strictly protestant. John Richardson’s long standing neighbor in Shottery was Richard Hathaway who was the father of Shakespeare’s wife Anne Hathaway. Anne Hathaway became pregnant, at twenty-six, while Shakespeare was 18.…show more content…
As said earlier, there is no records showing that he ever attended any school and there are none that place him at Oxford or Cambridge. And there not being any surviving letters of his, it suggests that he probably did not write. There has also been no evidence that displayed that William Shakespeare was ever paid to write. Most writers tend to posses many books as they use them to research so that they can portray an accurate setting for their writing yet there hasn’t been evidence of Shakespeare ever owning a book and one has yet to turn up. Above all, Shakespeare wasn’t eulogized and buried in Westminster Abbey which leads to the consensus that the actors and writers of his day knew that he was Shakespeare otherwise he would have been buried there in poets corner (Price, 2013 p. 43). In Shakespeare’s will, the original found in 1747 by Reverend Joseph Greene, there is no sign of it being one of the greatest writers will as it was described to be dull. The will didn’t display that it wasn’t written by a write much less a great poet and playwright such as Shakespeare. It was very sloppy and many were shocked by that as even though most people at this time wrote their will days before the death, they had someone help them and that produced better results than the one written by

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