Punishment For Non-Thinkers In Shakespeare's Hamlet

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Punishment for non-thinkers
Question scholars ask today is that if Hamlet would’ve thought before he acted if he would still be alive. Is it possible that this one action could’ve saved his life. THIS QUESTION MUST BE ANSWERED. In the story ‘Hamlet’ there are many question but one there is one that could be related to this day and that is. Is it better to think thoroughly then to act immediately. A question asked by scholars and professors around the world for this one question. When it comes down to the knees and grease, it’s better to think then to act. For example, Hamlet would’ve thought first before acting, Polonius wouldn’t have died. “What, ho. Help, Help, HELP!/How now a rat/ Dead for a ducat, dead!”.(Shakespeare 25,26) Yelled Hamlet
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“But break my heart, for I must hold my tongue.”(Shakespeare 162) Silently wept Hamlet. Because he was afraid to speak his peace to everyone because of Honor, or it being unmanly. No one knew how he felt or how he might react when they said something to him. If he would’ve spoke and thought correctly how he spoke it, everyone would know the distressed he was in. Then later on he follows a ghost of his father and the father tells him of who kills him. He later says this “May weep to revenge.” (Shakespeare 35). This quote conveys that if Hamlet thought that this is a ghost and him might be going insane. No one the actions he did would’ve ever happened. He could’ve have lived a life where all he knew was his father was dead because of natural cause, but he took it a step to far. He wanted revenge so badly that he forgot about everyone else except him, his mother, Horatio, Claudius, Ophelia, and Laertes. After this event happened. All he did was take into effect that this thing had to be done and there was no time to…show more content…
“The serpent that did that fathers life/Now wears his Crown.”(Shakespeare 44,45) The ghost spoke. “For me with sorrow I embrace my Fortune.”(Shakespeare 404) Says Fortinbras. These scenes depict on how they both got their fortune. Claudius wanted the crown and Gertrude so bad that he acted and got both by killing the previous king, who was his brother. While Fortinbras took over he walked into a room where Claudius, Hamlet, and Gertrude were dead, so he took action and claimed the throne and land. They might have got what he wanted but they might not a liveable life, or happier

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