Shakespeare's Hamlet: Should I Live Or Should I Die?

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"To be, or not to be, that is the question"(Shakespeare 63) is the question that plagues Hamlet through the entire play by William Shakespeare. Should I live or should I die, and should I take revenge for my father 's death are only two of the issues that Hamlet battles within himself. Hamlet’s exhaustive meticulous thought process and procrastination, whose motivations are often debated, make him not only unique, but also the winner compared to the rest of the characters in the play. Hamlet is a man of thought, reason, and intellect. He responds to events by thinking about them. When the Ghost tells him that his father had been murdered, he didn’t just believe Ghose for no reason;, instead, he decides to make a plot as a proof that Claudius…show more content…
After Hamlet kills Polonius, Laertes faces the same problem that Hamlet does —a murdered father. And that 's where the similarities end. While Hamlet lollygags and broods over the murder for much of the play, Laertes takes immediate action. He storms home from France as soon as he hears the news, raises a crowd of followers, and invades the palace, saying "That drop of blood that 's calm proclaims me bastard" (Shakespeare 97). In other words, not being upset by his father 's death would prove that his mother was stepping out on his dad. It 's only after he storms the castle with a band of armed men that he starts asking questions —unlike Hamlet, who asks a whole lot of questions before he finally gets around to avenging his father 's death. Here 's the funny thing, though: both of them end up dead, in exactly the same way, and at each other 's hands. So, is Laertes ' method really any better than Hamlet 's? It is clear that Hamlet is the winner in the cause that he actually get to stab and poison Claudius, which is his But toward the end of the play, he recognized his fault and ask for forgiveness.“ Lo, here I lie, never to rise again. Thy mother’s poison’d. I am no more. The King, the King’s to blame” (Shakespeare 126). Laetres realized he has been trapped by Claudius, he points out Claudius as the murder. The death of Polonius is not Hamlet’s fault if Claudius didn 't ask him to. Certainly,…show more content…
Although someone would argue that Fortinbras is a man of action, and he became the king of Denmark, so it seems like he is the winner. “The imminent death of twenty thousand men that for a fantasy and trick of fame. Go to their graves like beds, fight for plot where on the numbers cannot the cause, which is not tomb enough and continent to hide the stain?” (Shakespeare 93). This quote support that Fortinbras didn’t think of the consequence of his action. He sent a lot of soldiers to fight for the land that didn’t even worth it. Thousands of people are sending to death for no reason. Also, Hamlet killed Polonius with direct action. “Nah, I know not, is it the King?” (Shakespeare 81) This conveys that Hamlet’s original target is the King, but since he is not thinking through; he accidentally
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