Shakespeare's Macbeth-Murder Is Not Committed

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Murder is Best When Not Committed

The lion 's heart beat bellows against the earth as she crouches down. Her bronze orbs are locked on the gazelle. Every move the herbivore makes is captured and locked. Equations of velocity and acceleration are racing through the lioness ' mind. She knows how she will catch this gazelle. When this beast pounces on the harmless animal, will it be considered murder or hunger for an abnormal dish? She does need to catch food for her family of cubs. However, a lion 's main course normally consists of an antelope, wildebeest, and zebra. She does not normally desire this naive creature. Perhaps her appetite is craving something new, and since killing is nature, is it possible for one to assume that killing is
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From the first breaths of life to the moment our eyes close forever, it is a part of human nature to have ambition. However, anyone can be pushed from their simple aspiration to a desire that leads them to murder. For example, in Shakespeare 's Macbeth, the main character, Macbeth, is a well-respected military general that has given his life and devotion to Scotland. However, due to a turn of events, he finds himself craving to be the next king of Scotland. His ambition causes the well-respected military general to turn to blood and kill the King of Scotland. The death of the king then causes the main character to kill everyone around him who he suspects knows he killed the king. His aspiration caused this military general to be covered in gore and distress. In the other novel, the Boy with the Striped Pyjamas, the main character 's father, a Nazi General, shows his drive to murder Jewish people. However, the contrasting innocence of the protagonist, a 9-year-old boy named Bruno, prevents the roots of prejudice to grow on the boy. The boy in that read shows humanity that one can determine for oneself whether a person should be loathed or dreaded. The military general in Shakespeare 's tragedy shows humanity that one can easily reach an insanity level on ambition and can even go so far as to kill another being. That aspect of human nature is the opposite of what humanity needs to

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