Shakespeare's Macbeth-Personal Narrative

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"What just happened?" I looked around looked around and was appalled by the scene in front of him. The scene was so bloody and unsightly, My battered body lying on the ground discarded by the murderers without a second thought. I followed them back to Macbeth 's castle. "Why are they going there?" I pondered, "what could my closest companion have to do with these horrendous people?" I walked over listening to their conversation, it shocked me what I heard. Macbeth was behind all this? He asked for them to do this to me. How could he? So many thoughts flashed through my mind, this was so hard to comprehend. Well we will see how he feels once I get back at him.

Walking through the banquet hall doors i see all the people there, chattering among themselves, it’s like i’m not missing. I know no one can see me so i walk over and take my
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I decided i was done with that conversation and went on to another.
“Who was that man that i saw entering as macbeth rushed to him and hustled him out?” questioned the elder man to his comrade
“I truly haven’t seen that man before, but surely looks like blood on him, why is he here and why did macbeth seem so distressed?” The comrade replied. All i wanted to say to them was that the guy was a murderer and macbeth had me killed, but i couldn’t speak, i couldn’t give myself away if i was going to get vengeance on Macbeth.
All went quiet when we heard the banquet doors open, Macbeth entering in stride, looking unfazed by the eerie quietness that settled in the room. I decided now, now was the time to get my retribution, I made myself visible to macbeth and only him and was seated at his seat. Macbeth came to a halt upon looking up and seeing me. The terror in his face was such a bliss for me. The colour of his face had drained he looked as though he was going to

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