Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet: Is It Never True Love?

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One of the most time honored pieces of literature is the tale of Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespeare. The entire story is based around two young lovers, but was it really love that they feel or is it something else? Love is a mystical word because it is a noun that is used to describe itself. Everyone experiences and has felt it so why is it so hard to define if every human knows what it is? There are so many components that all come together to form a different feeling each time. This is why it may appear that Romeo and Juliet don’t ever experience true love. However, what Romeo and Juliet were feeling toward each other in Shakespeare’s play was still indeed love. Though they may be fictional characters they experience the same things as real people would. Consequently, the natural instincts that all humans have and chemicals naturally pumped into the brain to form feelings of passion could be expected to exist within these lover’s as well. Obviously, love must be real because it hasn’t changed the slightest over the course of time. Even since Shakespeare has written all of his most famous creations; love has not changed. To begin, just like how you were first driven to stand up and walk as a child, later in your life you experience the need to find love. Because of this instinct, not only are humans able to reproduce, but parents that have and do experience love tend to raise stronger family units. In general, parents that pair monogamously compared to
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