Shakespeare's Sonnet In Albantic Analysis

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Abstract In this research I will attempt to unfold the difficulties that arise during the adaptation of the Shakespeare’s sonnet models in Albanian and sacrifices made in the selection of words to maintain the main core of meaning that sonnet has itself. To translate or to deal with the behavior of the Shakespeare’s sonnet models in the Albanian language is nothing to be underestimated at all, as should bring the meanings of cultural background together with all circumstances of sonnet writing in Albanian. This challenging responsibility rests against the back, took Napoleon Tarsi, who despite his tireless efforts made it possible to have in front of Shakespeare’s sonnet models in our Albanian version translated.
In this workbook, we will face more problems when translating to the Albanian sonnet models and the difficulty that take Napoleon to be as much original substance in bringing these English sonnet’s models and behavior that existed that time, in Albanian and the circumstances in which was sonnet writed together with relevant backgrounds .l will sift face to face sonnets of Shakespeare and bring near their version in Albanian by Napoleon Tasi and l will make possible to see the hard work and effort of Napoleon and the quality of the translation of reached his perspective. In the process of translation into Albanian have taken any hard choice of words in the same time and placed in the condensing form for the owned form containing original sense and inner
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