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In this paper, I am going to discuss two plays and the genre of revenge tragedy. William Shakespeare wrote two revenge tragedies, Titus Andronicus and Hamlet which gained popularity during that time. Currently, Hamlet has retained its popularity but Titus is one of the most despised plays of Shakespeare since it is offensive. The author used Titus to represent the General of Rome, a tragic hero of the play (Spark Notes, 2014).
Titus spent ten years fighting enemies of Rome and won honor for the country. This heroic deed took so much out of him making him to feel powerless and unable to lead the country despite the idea of people thinking he should be the new emperor. He is held up as a representation of goodness for his strict admirations for traditions. This strict devotion to tradition causes his foes to take revenge against him. Titus pursues revenge too but dies in the process. Hamlet on the other hand is a prince who finds out that his father murdered the former Norwegian king in order to harden his own power. Hamlet envisions himself being drawn in an
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However, they are also different since Titus had a fighting spirit and fought his enemies until his death. Hamlet was skeptical to the idea of revenge and even opted for the option of suicide. Titus and Hamlet help us clarify the distinction between the typical and mannerist conceptions of principle. Titus uses revenge to discover emotional responses to events circumscribed by rigid justice systems. Hamlet uses revenge to discover responses to an ethical dilemma where common moral codes generic seem inadequate. Titus uses traditional morality as a basis for the play and presents revenge for the sake of the emotions of the attendants. Hamlet presents revenge for the sake of ethical preference as he decides what action to
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