Shakespeare's Use Of Rhetorical Devices In Act 2 Scene 2 Lines 1 Of King Edward

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Scene 2 line 1 of William Shakespeare 's Richard the 3rd takes one through the thoughts of King Edward. In this passage, King Edward was recently informed that he was the one to pull the trigger on the head of his brother, Duke of Clarence, George and how due to this, god would chastise him. Afterwards, Stanley makes a pitch to detain a single servant, thus infuriating the lord Edward. Suddenly, Edward is referring to his past relationship with George, and the sacrifices the duke of Clarence has made during the War of the Roses, so that king Edward is able to retrieve his current position. This scene is the début in the play of the character Edward, establishing his characteristics. He claims himself responsible for the death of Clarence,…show more content…
At the dawn of Edward 's speech, Shakespeare utilizes metonymy referring his tongue as the willingness to do something, during his opening line, "Have I a tongue to doom my brother’s death,". Shakespeare starts off with Edward blaming himself, responsible for the death of his brother, this gives the audience the first impression of his depression where he is feeling guilty and dejected. In this passage we gaze on the beginning of Shakespeare 's style of pathos in action as he conveys a feeling of sorrow for Edward to the reader, revealing that he did regret what he has done in his past however is inadequate to do anything about it now. In addition, Edward expresses emotions of pity towards the character Clarence and emphasizes his statements that claim Clarence is innocent yet he was the one to sentence him to death. Edward also shows a sense of selfishness as he killed Clarence so that he could assure the safety of his own family line. Shakespeare indicates in two opening lines gives two contrasting points, Edward claims the allowance of one action, but the questioning of another. Edward is currently afraid to make any actions as he is regretful. In this section of the passage, Edward places the anger towards himself and infuriated on what he has done. Edward reveals his character, and shows his ability to show pity on his own brother. Edward shows his affection towards Clarence and trust placed upon his siblings. As well, he shows the first sign of depression, in particular depressed of guilt and stuffed with
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