Shakespeari S Ambiguity In Shakespeare's Othello

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Shakespearian’s ambiguity Tragedies are written plays in which the protagonist dies at the end. The protagonist is recognized as being the hero of the tragic play; however, some tragedies, at some point, shed the light on another character creating confusion in the mind of the readers about the state of the true hero. Shakespeare’s Othello is one of these tragedies. In Othello, the protagonist is Othello , but the flow shift sometimes to the character Iago who is the second main character in the tragedy. Although the protagonist fulfilled his role and died, his subsidiary caused a dilemma whether he is or not the hero of the play. Thus made of Shakespeare’s Othello a controversial tragic play that led to a great critical divergence. Close reading of the play text uncover the complexity of Iago’s personality that made two of the most important critics of the twentieth century : A.C. Bradley and F.R. Leavis, come up with a debatable criticism on whether Othello is he himself the hero of the play or it is the role of Iago his ancillary. A.C. Bradley claimed that all the credits of the tragedy goes to Iago, while F.R. Leavis highlighted that the tragedy of the play is the doing of Othello himself. In brief, in Shakespeare’s Othello, Iago played a major role in the conduct of the tragedy. First of all, Iago acted as an engine that stirs up the inner self of people around him and reveals it to the public. He played

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