Shakti In Ancient India Essay

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YatranarisyapujyanteRamante, tatradevta : In ancient India, women were held in high esteem and reverence. Ancient scriptures have emphasized on giving respect to women. In fact, the worship of Shakti, the female aspect of the Divine is considered extremely important and revered. It is said that, even the great Lord SadaShiva cannot move an iota without His power, the Shakti. Since time immemorial, women were looked upon as the embodiments of Shakti in the ancient era. There were many women saints in the Vedic era. Married women were considered as GrihaLaxmi, the reflection of the Goddess Laxmi who ensures the wellbeing and balance of the entire household. Women were revered not only in India, but also in the other ancient civilizations. They were the most respectable part of the society. But with the passage of time, the condition of women deteriorated. They were now considered a burden, a bane rather than a boon. Since ages, we have seen that they had become a captive of the horrible, discriminatory systems prevalent in the society. They were supposed to do all the household work and could not move about freely in the society, or take independent decisions regarding their lives or even wishes. However, in today’s world the scenario…show more content…
He studied Self Help Groups – lifeline of the livelihood improvement project. He studied SHGs and their impact in the Himalayan region. While evaluating the Livelihood Improvement Project for Himalayas (LIPH), he concluded that the project has helped the vulnerable groups in the rugged highlands of the Himalayas where it’s extremely difficult for the natives to work out a living. These projects developed alternative avenues for increasing the local peoples’ income. He suggested that the government should support many more similar projects to improve the lives of the poor people of the Himalayan

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