Shalimar Paints Swot Analysis

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SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths: 1. In-house production without any outsourcing and highly reliable suppliers has helped to maintain superior quality products 2. Strong inventory control: APs average inventory level is 30 days sales against 50 days for the industry 3. They offer customized products as per the requirements 4. Superior technologies deployed to achieve maintain the competitive edge for eg. Supply chain management system that integrates plants, regional distribution centers, outside processing centers etc. hence they have strongest supply chain system. Weaknesses: 1. Slow international business: except UAE, Nepal, Bangladesh, Asian Paints have been performing below par in the overseas countries. 2. Seasonal demand for paints which are…show more content…
Some of India’s iconic buildings and structures such as the Rashtrapati Bhawan, Salt Lake Stadium, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, etc., continue to be painted with Shalimar Paints. This is its distant competition as its market share is just 2%. Berger Paints: The company has a strong brand portfolio with brands such as Berger Easy Clean, WeatherCoat, Rangoli etc. Berger has a strong distribution network of about 16,500 dealers and has about 12,000 tinting machines. Akzo Nobel: It is the world’s No.1 paint company which is trying to increase market share in India, but has not succeeded. It has introduced some innovative products and has also upped productionIt is also planning to improve distribution channels for the Dulux brand. Dulux brand is trying to increase its reach by advertising. BRANDING: Painting it from High involvement to FMCG – The Rise of Asian Paints Asian paints story of rising on successive stages is very interesting. The brand now has an iconic status in the industry which is due to major contribution of Ogilvy & Mather (O&M). The brand once positioned as a mass market brand has evolved itself to a higher

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