Shamanism Interview Report

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The interview with Alberto Villoldo was informative and thought-provoking when discussing the ideas and principles of Shamanism. I enjoyed hearing more about this modality. I also was impressed with Alberto’s knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the human body and how those functions were influenced by the field. The principles of having people to do the work for you and doing less were intriguing.
Alberto’s knowledge of the human body and its functions was vast and made him more creditable to people outside of CAM. I felt it was refreshing to see someone be able to convey how the energy field theory of Shamanism and the scientific functions of the body interact with each other. Having more of this knowledge can only strengthen
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The idea of having these people to do work for you so that you can let things happen is really interesting. I also could relate when he talked about hiring people who needed help rather than hiring people to help me. I was previously working as a restaurant manager and part of that is hiring people to work for you. Because of my compassion for others, I often hired people who were in financially difficult situations and hard family backgrounds or situations. I felt that I could help these people out by providing them with a way to help them better these situations through gaining employment. This compassion came back to stab me in the back when it came to their work ethic or ability to get to work as well as other situations that would arise. It was a tough lessen to learn that me trying to help these people when I was the one who needed them to help me was doing no one any good.
This interview made me more intrigued to learn more about Shamanism and Alberto Villoldo’s ideas on Shamanism. Other things I found from the movie that I want to know more about would be the Bullet Proof Diet and more in depth of how our family history situations can affect us through the field now. The connection between things such as famine in family history and that link to diabetes in future generations. I was impressed by Alberto’s knowledge of the science of the body as well as how to do less and let more
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