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Catherine Lucille Moore, more commonly known as C. L. Moore, was an American science fiction writer; she was one of the first women to write science fiction. C. L. Moore paved the way not only for science fiction, but also for future women science fiction authors. C. L. Moore had written for fifteen years before she was published. “Shambleau” was the first story that she had published in Weird Tales, in 1933. “Shambleau” was one of Moore’s most famous stories. “Shambleau” is a well written story about a man who gets himself into a situation he would have never imagined; the character that Moore uses make the story more interesting. All three of Moore’s characters play an important role in making the story as action packed as it is. Moore uses a man who believes he is the hero, an “innocent” victim, and the hero’s friend to make the story a hard to put down read.
“Shambleau” take place on Mars, and is being told to happen in the future. It tells the story of a man named Northwest Smith and his unique experience when he meets a creature called Shambleau. Smith and Shambleau first meet when Smith sees a mob of people chasing after Shambleau. Smith decides, as the hero he is, that he is going to protect her, and take her under his wing. Smith did not pay attention to the way that she looked, all he saw was a girl in distress and he knew that he
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One day the plant could be filled with Shambleau like creatures, and because of the story people will know what to do. Because of the characters in this story somebody’s life could be saved. It is thanks to the man who thought that he was the hero for saving the “innocent” girl who was being chased by a mob of people, who turns out to be the one who lures men to their death. And to the man that actually saved the guy who thought he was the hero. It is because of this story that many readers will know what to do and how to do

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