Shame By Dick Gregory Summary

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In ”Shame” Dick Gregory discusses the difficulty he was having in school when he was a teeenager just because he was poor kid who didn’t have much and he didn’t get the same value as the other kids in the classroom. First, Gregory mention he was seven years old that is when he got is first lesson in school and use to have a crush on a girl name Helene Tucker he would do anything just for that girl. During his teenage years, when the water get frozen at his house he would use shopped ice to watch his clothes so that he could keep himself clean for her and sometime he get sick from it because he put them on meanwhile it still wet. Finally, It took him twenty-nine years to forget about her crush and that is when he get married and making money so, that show me he was still being hurt from his past and everything that he do was connected with Helene Tucker. In this essay I will talk about Gregory past he was he was seven years old and why he took him twenty- nine years to forget about this girl.

To begin with, Gregory never learn how to be ashamed of himself until the day when he started to go school. In the article the author mentions that “ I was in love with a little girl name Helene Tucker , a light complexioned little girl with pigtails and nice manners.” Basically this quote is actually saying when he started having his first big lesson at the age seven that is when everything started for him. When he started having his first crush on Helen Tucker the girl in his
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