Shame And Empathy Analysis

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Shame, vulnerability, Empathy, and Blaming are all signs we are unsecure with ourselves and that we are afraid to grow and expand being who we are. All these feelings and actions take a toll on our interpersonal relationship and our perceived self without us even knowing, this changes our self-worth our confidence how we show ourselves to the world. Not only do all these take toll on our mental health but also on or physical action. Let’s look at shame vulnerability empathy and blaming a little more.
Shame comes in many forms depending on the person, everyone handles it differently. A lot of people confuse shame with guilt… Guilt and shame are not the same, guilt is when you make a mistake and feel bad because of it. Shame is when you feel
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Things like initiating sex, being rejected, being afraid to get in trouble or even asking for help are all things that can make you feel vulnerable or weak however vulnerability is not a weakness. For most people vulnerability is something they try to numb but you cannot numb vulnerability it just plays with your other emotions and instead of being vulnerable you then become mad or sad or frustrated and then in turn you may drink or do drugs or some other things that you have not fully thought out before acting. We pretend how we act doesn’t have an effect on people but it does if we feel vulnerable and act rationally that person could also act rationally towards you and In turn people act your emotion if your sad they can become sad for example. I have experienced vulnerability in racing I was the youngest person in a field or people all ages from 20-70 years of age and I was the 14-year-old boy just starting out. Right from the go I was behind and off the pace and even though I was learning by running in last place all the time I was ashamed to be there because it was something that made me feel like I wasn’t worth being out on that race track. 5 years later I am one of the top young guns in my racing division among the NASCAR sanctioned tracks in Ontario because I didn’t let vulnerability hold me down I pushed through and did what I wanted…show more content…
Every one you see every day has blamed somebody for something in their life weather it’s from being a “tattle tale” as a kid or for blaming somebody because you and your friend got caught cheating on a test. It’s all to say that this person you are blaming it on has called your emotional state. I personally have blamed pain I’ve felt onto ex-girlfriends because what they did caused me to feel that way instead of saying how this happened made me feel upset, so that I could put the blame on somebody and discharge my
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