Shame-O-Phobi Why Men Fear Therapy Analysis

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Coming to a Realization
I never really thought about genders, equality, and etc. But after taking a few classes of Women’s Studies I’ve become a little observant about my surroundings. To think that so many mens, womens, and childrens that has to deal with such ordeal is mind boggling. After living in Bridgeport or what people call it “the hood” I never really would expect so much inequality. My eyes are more open to our home connecticut of all the gender biased in our own community.

Through my daily life I started to see more and more boy dressing as girl in shopping malls and then being criticized for it from our people. In Trumbull Mall I have seen a lot men dressing up as a female, but they were acting like guys. I went back to this article “What’s So Bad About a Boy Who Wants to Wear a Dress?” by Ruther Padawer. To find this “I just hate being misunderstood,” he told his
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I’ve seen a lot of men being embarrass around Bridgeport. Living in this city you will see a lot of guys who acts tough, stay in gangs, and just want to be on top of the world. Yet I see a lot of men refusing to do stuff for their women such as refusing to go inside forever 21, or holding their women purse. I didn’t really think it was a big deal at the time but now I why “.So what was my problem? All I could envision were people smirking as they saw me publicly toting that damn purse, all of my hard-earned Guy Points accumulated from my half-century of being male suddenly vanishing without a trace” (Wexler). From this quote I got a better grip on why men are so shameful on doing certain things, but I still feel that this shouldn't be a problem at all. Say for instance your wife or girlfriend told you to hold her purse for her, as she goes to do something real quick. Yes you are standing there hold a purse but what if they saw your wife/girlfriend come to you and grab her purse back. Does that make any difference at
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