Shamrock Shake Persuasive Speech

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I tried to stop it, to prolong it, but it came and millions of people across the country mourned the date when the Shamrock Shake would be stripped from the menu at McDonald’s forever. The first time I had a Shamrock Shake, it tasted like heaven. I couldn’t stop drinking it. I mean, let's get real, who could? Throughout the years times at McDonald’s have been fun. Other times McDonald’s ruined my order. However, with the introduction of the Shamrock Shake at McDonald’s there is always something to look forward too. Many students in my class are unfamiliar with the Shamrock Shake, that was introduced as a holiday drink for St. Patrick's day, and you should bring in some samples for Mrs. Moncada’s 3rd period class. You might be thinking to yourself…show more content…
On the Ronald McDonald House Charities home page I found this quote “Keeping families with sick children close to each other and the care and resources they need.” Nevertheless, It would make sense that a portion of the proceedings that McDonald’s gets is going towards the families that are in need. It is wonderful, what the Ronald McDonald Houses are doing, to help out people with sick children and make the burden on parents less difficult to handle. The families that are on the homepage of the Ronald McDonald House Charities website look so happy and it looks to me that McDonald’s has made an impact on the lives of the patients’ and the patients families in a way that could change their lives for the better forever. Bringing back the Shamrock Shake could increase sales and the money could be used to continue to help families and sick patients to be happy even in a time where the sickness could mean their life. The added money brought in by the Shamrock Shake could go towards building hospitals in areas where proper medical and sanitary conditions are not
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