Shane Koyczan's Speech

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Shane Koyczan, a spoken word poet delivered a powerful speech called “To this day….for the bullied and the beautiful,” at a Ted Conference for successful working adults, in 2013. Koyczan objective was to poetically develop an image of what the victims of bullies go through. Koyczan overall speech was driven by emotion and was filled with purposeful words in order to connect with the audience. Koyczan’s message was filled with pathos and ethos to appoint and relate to the audience. Instead of telling the audience a sob story of his childhood, Koyczan instead took the opportunity and created an appealing speech the captured the audience's attention. Koyczan had been honest with the audience, he told them how his childhood wasn’t exactly picture…show more content…
Koyczan had thrown a bunch of metaphors in his speech to capture something more than a reaction. Some of the metaphors he had used were; “My dreams are self-conscious and overly apologetic.” and another one was “When I was a kid, I traded in homework assignments for friendship.” By telling the audience this, it reveals that he didn’t have a lot of confidence when he was younger and spent more time on making friendships than focusing on school, which could tell us that he was in need for someone to be there for him. Koyczan had created a very heartbroken mood, he had expressed to the audience that everyone is much needed no matter what happens in life, he also said everyone one is much appealing than they think they are. “If you can’t see anything beautiful about yourself, get a better mirror, look a little closer, stare a little longer, because there’s something inside you that made you keep trying despite everyone who told you to quit.” By telling this to the audience, Koyczan had successfully opened to their hearts and made it easy to relate towards them. In conclusion, Koyczan did an effective job connecting with the audience, by using the right tone, creating a gloomy atmosphere and throwing in figures of speech, he created the perfect speech the captivated the audience’s attention. His comprehensive speech was filled with enough determination that it easily linked with the
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