Old Western Movie 'Shane'

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“Shane” is an Old Western movie that represents the western lifestyle and perspective of manhood. It was one of the unsurpassed movies produced in 1953. The movie’s plot revolves around farmers’ who try to save their own land from a dominant cattle rancher called Fletcher and a rider called Shane tries to stand by one of the farming families to keep their rights. This creates tragic events and conflicts between the family members themselves, and the family members with Fletcher and his men. The perception of being in danger is haunting the family from all sides and this is what led them to be very cautious with who they deal with and who they let in their farm. Actually, their distrust in mostly everybody around them made them reject Shane…show more content…
Marian is somehow acting as if both Shane and Joe are her husbands due how much she cares about both of them and how she always has that feeling that she’s responsible for both of them and should support them in every way against Fletcher, the greedy cattle rancher. On the other hand, Shane never acts to his feelings and never takes any further steps yet they are there. This shows that Shane doesn’t want to betray the trust that Joe gave him when he made him stay at his house. Doesn’t this show how much of a man he actually is? Manhood is really important to Shane as he always talks about how men should act. The auditor of the story wanted to give Shane all the manly characteristics, for example; loyalty, keeping his word, taking the responsibility, and never gets aggressive until there is no other option. Marian is also impressed by the love of Joey for Shane as he looks at him with so much of inspiration, and this is when Shane is put into a situation of complete fatherhood because Joey believes that Shane is the type of man he wishes one day to
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