Shane The Lone Ethnography Summary

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Shane the Lone Ethnographer is an introduction guide to ethnography for beginners. This book is displayed in an innovative way of cartoons very similar to a comic style book. The main character Shane, demonstrates how ethnographers work through the process of completing an ethnography. The author used a cartoon like format to provide a new and interesting approach to understanding the art of ethnography. This book walks you through how Shane embarks on her very first research project and we also get to see the theories, methods, and skills used by ethnographic researchers.

I can’t imagine that writing a book in this format on such a topic was an easy thing to do but she did an amazing job at informing all the readers using humor to relay her message. I can’t recall ever reading an introductory book however, it is clear that the amount of information author Sally Campbell Galman provided was extensive. Shane, The Lone Ethnographer has eight chapters and at least three out of the eight included steps for the framework. A few of the other chapters included additional need to know steps on things like collection methods, analyzing data, and results. It was easy to feel overwhelmed with this much information because everything was crammed into 102 pages. In addition, some of the topic or things that were talked about seemed a little drawn out and
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She wrote the first ever comic book introduction to ethnography and now this book is an accessible format available to all graduate students along with anyone who is interested in reading it. The book Shane, The Lone Ethnographer if nothing else was very informative and insightful. Despite not completely understanding everything the book was an overall god read and I truly enjoyed it. The insight opened me up to a whole new world that I knew nothing about
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