Summary Of Shane By Jack Shaefer

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In the fictional novel, Shane, written by Jack Schaefer, a mysterious cowboy rides into town and saves a group of settlers from a power hungry cattle rancher. He quickly finds comradery with a settler named Joe Starret, and decides to work for him on his farm. Not long after, he discovers the conflict between the settlers and Fletcher, who is trying to stomp Joe and the others out of the valley for his personal benefit. After several struggles with Fletcher and his men, Shane, out of love for the Starret family, comes to the conclusion that the only way to stop Fletcher is to kill him and his hired gun. Before leaving town, he confronts Fletcher and Wilson, outdrawing both of them thus ending the conflict with the settlers. Throughout the story, Shane proves himself to be consistently courageous, loyal, and hardworking.…show more content…
A fine example of Shane's unique courage is when he first enters the saloon in town and is taunted by all the other cowboys. They tease him about being a worker for Starret, and complain to the bartender about the stench from the “pig farmer”, even though he does not raise any pigs. Shane has the courage to walk out of the bar without starting a fight. Another time, although, Shane walks into the saloon, but cannot avoid a conflict. Several of Fletcher's men decide to brawl with Shane, who holds his own against the men with utmost bravery. A final example of Shane's courage is when he decides to confront Fletcher and his hired gunfighting outlaw, Wilson. He knows about Wilson's reputation of being a quickdraw, but he does not back down. Truly Shane never shows fear in dangerous situations and always acts with
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