Shanghai Fashion Industry Essay

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Fashion industry is booming along with the rapid economic development in China nowadays.However, unlike Paris in France, New York in the United States, the one major fashion capital of China has not yet been formed.Many cities including Beijing, Guangzhou and Hong Kong are considered competitive rivals of Shanghai.In this essay, I am going to describe the current situation and special character of Shanghai Fashion, analyze its strength and weakness for competing for the fashion capital by using economic properties theory of Richard Cave’s and the field theoretical approach.

Great opportunity
China has tremendous potential to develop fashion industry due to its huge population of over 1.4 billion as well as the sustaining economic development.
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Visitors may all impressed by the numerous retail stores along the street.Big shopping malls are everywhere including Shanghai IFC Mall, Plaza 66, Super Brand Mall, Shanghai Times Square, etc. Both luxury fashion brands(like Gucci, Louis Vuitton)and mass fashion brands(like Zara, H&M) can be easily find at these places.At the same time, local fashion design can be found at old street like Tianzifang. Though they didn’t have dormitory power over foreign brands, they are still important parts of the fashion industry in Shanghai.Both international and local brands concentrate in Shanghai and create the pronounced fashion character of this

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