Shangri La Hotel Case Study

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This chapter was going to focus on the background of the hotel industry, Shangri-La Hotel overview in Singapore, purpose of the study, research objectives, structure of dissertation and research scope.
1.1 Background of the hotel industry

1.2 Shangri-La hotel overview in Singapore
Shangri-La Hotel Singapore has been in the top 20-luxury hotel in Singapore. In 2012, Shangri-La Singapore has been the second top hotel in Singapore and currently they are fifth top hotel in Singapore. Most Shangri-La guest have given positives reviews and rated the hotel excellent. (TripAdvisor, 2014)

1.3 Purpose of the study
For hotel, growing brand equity is a key objective achieved through gaining more favorable relationships and feelings
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The objectives of this study were:
1. Explore the number of customer satisfaction by finding out whether customer expectation meets the service quality and satisfied by all service provided by Shangri-La hotel Singapore.
2. Identify number of times that respondents have stayed in Shangri-La Hotel Singapore
3. Examine customer loyalty by trust with customer expectation on staff and service provided.
4. Examine customer loyalty based on word of mouth with customer response on will they say positive thing, speak well of Shangri-La brand, recommend to other people and encourage friends or relatives to visit Shangri-La Hotel Singapore.
5. Examine customer loyalty based on customer complain with customer response on whether or not hotel guest will switch to other hotel, complain to other customer and write a complain letter to the hotel if experiencing problem with hotel service.
6. Examine brand equity based on brand awareness with customer response on brand familiarity.
7. Examine brand equity based on perceived quality with customer response on how they find Shangri-La Hotel Singapore to be comfortable and staff is very
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Examine brand equity based on brand loyalty with customer response on whether or not the respondents will come back to stay with Shangri-La Hotel again.

1.5 Research Scope
The researcher defined the scope of research to be clear that the researcher was focusing on identifying relationship between brand equity, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty. Due to limited time, in this research respondents of Shangri-La Hotel was investigated from the chosen one hundred survey that have stayed in Shangri-La Hotel before which is legitimate over one hundred and twenty survey that were sent out using social media. Furthermore, the respondents in this research came from Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Chinese and other country that have stayed in Shangri-La Hotel for the past 1 year.
Shangri-La Hotel has been well known for the brand image of five star hotel with a good service quality and also known as luxurious hotel in all over the world. In this study, Shangri-La Hotel has been chosen to identify customer satisfaction, customer loyalty that the hotel itself has high brand equity.

1.6 Structure of dissertation
This dissertation contained five

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